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Introduction timekeeper system

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Introduction timekeeper system

Along with the development of the world economy in particular and Vietnam in general, demand management and monitoring of business activity in our country is increasing. Especially Human Resource Management. People are the key factor, decide the success or failure of a company or organization.

A company or organization succeed or fail based on professionalism in managing or operating, assignments of each individual in an organization. So how to ensure equal rights and justice in the Timekeeping or HRM. The launch of the brand series timekeeper all around the world, making the company managers or wonder if selected brand or product to ensure the credibility, quality….


Timekeeper since when?

From the year 30 of the last century (Century 20), the industrial revolution in Europe and America, machinery gradually be included in the workshop, Factory replacement of human labor. The capitalists had gathered the small workshop, the odd large plants, with hundreds of employees. The HRM becomes unsolvable, and finally it was invented timekeeping device from the difficulties that.

What is Timekeeper?

Timekeeper is a device that recorded the time in and out of employees, worker, student….. Data from the timekeeper is programmed to give out attendance reports upon request of the user examples

  • Reporting hours, Day of the entire staff.
  • Reporting hours, date of each employee.
  • Reporting hours, of each day, ban, part.
  • Absent staff report.
  • Staff report go late early.
  • Report timekeeping shift, Hourly.
  • Report overtime.
  • Payrolls report by day of ...

Timekeeper how many types?

Timekeeper there are many different types such as mechanical timekeeper, timekeeper use magnetic cards, barcode card, Induction cards ( RFID), timekeeper fingerprint recognition, timekeeper face recognition and the new generation is the timekeeper identification by iris.

In essence, the guideline principles of the machines are the same but they differ in the mode of communication between objects and equipment required timekeeping examples: Attendance cards, Fingerprint, face, iris ...)

When implementing the timekeeping, The device will record the time and timekeeping, card number, timekeeper names, timekeeping purposes (pre-programmed on the computer or by pressing a function key has been programmed). Just then, device's screen also displays the current date and time, card number of the timekeeping (To test)… Similar data were collected and recorded in the memory of the device, then they are downloaded computer.


These data are then — depending on the purpose and scope of the programs used — will be computer analyzed, calculate and provide reports as required by the business owner. For example, as reported hours of all employees, of each employee, tardy reports early, leave without reason, v.v…
So, with a dedicated staff moves only download data from the device to the computer, then ordered the computer to perform the calculation of hours of, print reports, v.v… that can solve the calculation of workers throughout the company within a few hours.

A lot of businesses have employees not only to meet the needs of the work besides the management of employee hours to be accurate and fair as well as issues that enterprises want to set. In order to do that, automated timekeeping system will help you solve this problem and timekeeper is becoming an effective tool, great help in managing working time, Automatic calculation of, greatly reducing the huge workload previously recorded papers, improve working efficiency of HR. can bring the highest efficiency in the process of monitoring the activities of the staff out into simultaneous control information necessary.

This is a modern system, Comprehensive service for monitoring purposes in / out room equipment, Technical; Control of working time of employees effectively and fully automated.


Time attendance system layout and installation logic together. There are many types timekeeper, However, Attendance fingerprint card and widely used. Computer systems Timekeeper and card operating system based on a combination of the computer reading device, computer, Timekeeper processing software and a wide range of initial installation operation, the system can put into operation.

Device timekeeper card use installed at doors. When people have to take the card to the card reader near, card reader will enable operations and sends data card reader from the reader and the data is transmitted to the computer. This data will be stored in computer memory and will examine and compare the data has been loaded. If the information is invalid, the reader will immediately give alarm signals by siren or lights. Time to perform the cycle above all a matter of seconds.

You Timekeeper is a device used for fingerprint recognition to serve for the record objectively and accurately the time of the staff to confirm successful lay hands on the timekeeper. A timekeeping system is simple fingerprint, only include a fingerprint reader (also known as fingerprint timekeeper) and computers with software installed to connect timekeeping and data processing employee attendance.


Time attendance system connected and managed on the PC in conjunction with attendance management software to be able to bring the highest efficiency in the process of monitoring the activities of the staff out into simultaneous control information necessary. So we can easily in the human resources management issues and payroll as well as accurate decisions on personnel management and coordination of human resources in line with your business.

With years of experience in providing, installation and maintenance for the company timekeeper, Large corporations such as Prudential in Vietnam, Petro Viet Nam, TOA, Ace Life, Sacombank, …… we always offer our customers the best choice, always ensure effective, quality of products. The word heart and is always associated with prestige AMC in recent years is the guiding principle for all our activities. Let AMC have the opportunity to become a trusted partner and your strategy.

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