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Metal signs

Sea corrode copper, stainless steel marine corrosion is one of the most popular billboard today. It is used in most companies, body mass, hotel, airport, restaurants ... Every day you might also come across a lot of billboards that corrode copper sea. That may be signs, signposts, Marine departments, Sea titles, Companies sea ...


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Low price, simple design, but very luxurious as the strengths and advantages of corrosion metal tables cheap, Signboards help this become one of the top choices of the people.
Regarding the way, Simple co-corrosive sea is a flat copper plate (or be processed, bending to convex or soles tiles). The reason for the sea called copper corrosion is because in the production process, AMC used as a chemical corrosion of copper metal surface technology based on millimeter precision CNC, help create content for poster design just like on your PC.
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