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Door controllers offline use card and code

Model : BC 2000


Sophisticated design with metal casing luxury.

Waterproof function.

Keystroke backlight.

Standard card reader: 125kHz EM card.

Distance Cards: to 8 cm.

Support identification: Induction card, Code, Card + Code

Application: office building, the bank, hospital, the school.

Model BC-2000 with access control functions.

Change the code 1 Master, 1000 user and ID card.

Functional anti-intrusion.

Function keys to adjust the time played 00-99 paper

Adjust the alarm time 00-99 minute.

Connect with electric lock.

External alarms

Connect the EXIT button to open

Alarm function.

12V DC power supply.

the size : 128 x 82 x 28 mm



kiem soat cua bc2000