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Modèle : G036M-65A




Be-Tech GUARDIAN RFID G0 Series is especially designed for hotel outdoor use.
Humidity which install on outdoors face to beach or face to outside environment, but with the GUARDIAN 304SS finish and the sealed RFID module putted on inside escutcheon, you can equip your hotel with a reliable locking system that against harsh environment.
Be -Tech GUARDIAN RFID offers the most flexible solution for future All-in-one card application.
RFID Specification
– 13,56 MHz technology
– Compatible with the following standard : ISO 14.443 A ( MIFARE)
– Eleven Free sectors for future All-in-one card application use.


• Brushed stainless steel plate and handle are durable and easy for maintenance
• Stainless steel deadbolt with high wearing resistance
• Steel mortise, tested with 100 million operation times. Thin mortise, thickness 16.2mm, may be fit with thin door;
• Hidden cylinder for mechanical key to decorate outlook
• The separated reader PCB and control PCB provide better protection from foreign force and high humidity, better for using near the beach


Key Specifications/Special Features:

 Standalone electronic lock with RFID 13.56 MHz technology
 High-security stainless steel mortise lock case available in ANSI, AUS and EURO versions
 With CE mark
 Stainless steel handle with high-strength central spindle
 3-point stainless steel latch construction with anti-friction mechanism
 Mortise equipped 20mm throw high-strength deadbolt
 Panic release function: deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by inside handle for easy regress in emergency situation
 ADA compliant (guest with physical disabilities)
 Future-proof re-programmable flash RAM lock memory
 Powered by 4AA batteries that provide up to 1 year normal lifetime
 400 event audit trail
 Compatible with bis hotel software platform
 High-security mechanical over-ride cylinder available


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